Sabtu, 13 Juli 2013


These are more photos of our adorable twin client, Dravi And Celine


Moro Moro Toba is my new project with 3 of my friends and 2 investor. We try to combine fashion, culture ad tourism in a form of bohemian Toba style clothing. 

It was actually started 3 years ago when i met Eka Rina and found that we have so much in common. I havent found any of my friends whom very passionate about fashion. Later we made lot of project which ended as a plan only or just stopped because we dont know how to continue it. And then we met Acha, a sister of our friend who was a fashion design student. But it also didnt run well with her.

2 years after, We Met Rini a girl  i can call a fashionista. In a Photo Studio named A 1 we began our journey of fashion from Medan to Tuk Tuk, Samosir Island. A simple plan turned into complicated issue as we continue our dream of making our clothing line with bohemian Toba  spirit.

A lot things happened during our process in making our dreams come true. But finally we made it step  by step. And then, Mr Berry G join us as graphic designer. He made us stronger and better. And also our dearest friend Miss Indah Pasaribu and Miss Friska Sagala helped us a lot by investing some  money :).

For introduction before  our main product's released we have tees collection for you, enjoy our man tees collection through these pictures, taken by Mr BerryG  :)

Rabu, 03 Juli 2013

ARDI + FEBRI : To Wherever You Are

Sesi pemotretan TROTOA yang satu ini saya nggak terlibat sama sekali.  Sedih rasanya melepas Mr Boss Berry G dengan empuan lain (baca : Make Up Artist cewek kekekeke) sementara saya harus masuk kantor di hari Sabtu. 

Ardi adalah sahabat baik Mr Boss semenjak hidup di daerah terpencil *LoL* dan menurut Mr boss Berry G lagi, bahkan sebelum menemukan tambatan hatinya ia sudah membooking Mr Boss buat menjadi fotografer untuk pre wedding dan wedding day nya.

Sesi Adri dan Febri di ekseskusi di Berastagi dan Gunung Sibayak. Daerah yang paling terkenal seantero Medan dan mungkin se Indonesia karena jeruk dan markisa dan satu lagi karena cuacanya yang sejuk.  Check out these photos guys, Dont forget to LIKE our Page on Facebook 'Trotoa Photography' :)


Masih ada satu sesi lagi yang belum di publish, sesi yang menurut saya segar dan romantic karena merupakan candid pasangan ini ketika mereka menikmati waktu sight seeing di Pasar Buah dan Bunga Berastagi. We'll share it soon =)