Rabu, 20 Juni 2018


Akhirnya, saya resign lagi. Untuk yang kesekian kali.

Mencari pekerjaan yang sesuai dengan passion itu sulit. Bahkan ketika sudah ketemu, untuk bertahan juga perlu perjuangan. Ada kalanya, passion berubah menjadi sesuatu yang kita benci ketika ia menjadi rutinitas yang kemudian merongrong kebebasan. Seperti yang saya alami saat itu.

I love tourism so much. That's why i decided to work as a tourist guide. But the system and the management in my work place was horrible. I lost my passion in tourist guiding last year. It got even worse this year when i saw my 2018's contract. They gave me a long and unreasonable working hour. From 7.30 AM until 5.00 PM. That was more than 9 hours a day. After that, our chief issued another letter of assignment which stated that the tourist guide had to work from 7.30 AM untill 6.00 PM. Beside that, there was no overtime pay (they wrote that they would pay us overtime if there's money) and no annual leave. 

I was stressed. Unable to said a thing. I learned a lot in the past that this kind of thing in my work place never will be discussed with the workers. I made my decision to resign as soon as they paid my three months salaries from January-March. But some of my co-worker tried to make me posponed my resignition. So I stayed a lil bit longer for the sake of my friends. Also, I want to reconsidered my decision. I was sad and confused. It wasn't easy to switch career at my age, almost 30 years old. 

Alhamdulillah, I have lot of friends who support me in making this decision. When i showed them my contract, they have nothing to say but ask me to resign soon. Of course there were people who told me to be grateful that I work for the government. 

Finally, I submit my resignation letter early on this June. I gave that letter in the morning. They didn't even gave me a chance to talk. I knew they were busy. But that's okay. I am free now. That's all. 

I believe in this words of encouragement told by a friend of mine, "rejeki nggak akan tertukar." Which means what God has decided for you wont be for anyone else. I believe God will show me the way as long as I keep on working hard. And Allah did. Allah made me met the right persons. On July I will start working at a new place. And an author I know for a long time but only met recently offered me a part time job. She also used and introduced my illustration to her friends at some publishing company. 

Saya bahagia saat ini, bahagia karena saya sudah satu langkah lebih maju, Saya lebih berani dari kemarin. Dan saya memutuskan untuk mengambil kendali akan hidup saya. Of course, ini bukan happy ending. Akan ada lagi drama dan rintangan di kedepannya. But for now, Alhamdulillah. I am grateful. I am blessed.

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