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Farewell... Willem Nooyen Dec 3rd 1957 - June 7th 2013

Hari ini kami berduka, melepas kepergian saudara kami Willem Nooyen. A funny and humble man yang telah menjadi bagia dari keluarga kami sejak ia menikahi sepupu saya tercinta Elsi Desnita pada 16 April 2011.

Willem dari tanah Belanda sana melamar kakak sepupu saya setelah sebelumnya mereka menjalin persahabatan dan sempat datang ke Padang, Sumatera Barat, untuk tinggal beberapa saat. They both traveled a lot. Since they were live separately, Willem in Netherland and my sister Elsi stay in Indonesia They only met once or twice a year. But still i see that they're so into each other. There were no days without Willem comunicate with Elsi via skype, email, or facebook. They connect trough wire. Distance seemed to dissapear.

Days ago, Willem came to Indonesia to accompany my sister whom will gave birth to their first child.  Elsi was so happy having him beside. But unfortunately something unexpected happened. He suddenly felt sick after going out for fishing and riding. The doctor said he had blood vessel constriction, i dont know the medical terms of it. but when i called my doctor friend and told her the story She said that Willem probably having stroke hemmoragik. 

We felt so lost. We only met once but its enough for me to said that he is a charming and humble person. He's funny and made us laugh a lot. Especially when it comes to culture shock in Indonesia.

Good bye Willem, we'll be missing you. 

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